Hey Newgrounds!


For those of you who are interested in getting better at drawing and painting I might have some good news for you! 

I've been making a bunch of videos lately ( and will be making more in the near future ) about drawing and painting, and how you can get better. They are small videos containing info, tips and excercises that you can do yourself to train yourself into becoming a better artist!

So if you are interested check them out on my youtube channel:


Thanks everyone!




My youtube channel!

2016-06-26 16:07:43 by beekart

Hey lovely NG people! 

I'm busy making more work of my youtube channel.
I'd like to fill it up with speedpainting videos, tutorials , how to's and maybe some community paint over videos where i take someones artwork up and try to critique it and how it could improve ( the painting or the artist :P ) 

Anyway if youd like to participate please let me know here on NG or any other way of contacting me ( mail , fb , yt whatever! u will find a way? :D )

Or if you just want to check it out and subscribe, that would be super awesome too! 
Anyway thank you and hopefully see/speak to you soon!
YT link: https://www.youtube.com/user/beekartdotcom




Concept art speedpainting

2016-01-27 04:35:57 by beekart



Got a new video out of some reallly quick photobashing stuff.
Might be usefull if you are an aspiring artist :)

Check it out here: https://youtu.be/hTwBsuqqbk8


Let me know what you think! ^^ 



Moonshine Video

2016-01-12 10:52:35 by beekart

Hey everyone,


Figured I'd share this here. The Moonshine ( elf face ) painting I did on my stream last week ( http://www.twitch.tv/beekart

Is now on youtube as a compiled vid, 6 mins or something instead of 2 hours :D

It can be found here: https://youtu.be/86Nxk94X3BA


Thanks! :D


2016-01-03 13:45:19 by beekart

Hey guys,


Just wanted to give you a headsup that I'll be streaming quite alot more in the new year.
Even tonight! You can find the channel here: http://www.twitch.tv/beekart

I'll be streaming my work on illustrations for clients, but also speedpaintings, tutorials, sketches, conceptart and always willing to share some tips or advice when needed! :)


Hope to see you guys there! :D




A jedi video

2015-12-21 02:41:47 by beekart

Hey everyone,


So long since i've been here.. im a little ashamed to even come back and post something :P

But I've been so busy with work and stuff, only now I've had time to actually create some stuff for myself/community instead of people in suits :D


Anyway the video of the painting can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/BQou8lMtGBo


let me know what you think :)

Another speedpaint video!!

2015-01-06 06:48:06 by beekart

Hey guys!


Here's another speedpaint video i did last night!

There's only so much you can do in 50mins! But enjoy!! :)


Sketching Digitally

2014-12-26 09:31:53 by beekart

Hey guys,


Ive uploaded another vid to my youtube channel! :)

Its a sped up process video of a little character design.

You can check it out here: http://youtu.be/1vHMATjByms


Cheers! :)


I made a Photoshop Tutorial!

2014-12-23 08:39:51 by beekart

Hey guys and girls! ;)


I've made a little video tutorial about how to easily create custom photoshop brushes.
Aswell as how to easily edit a photo so you can cut out shapes, to then use as a brush.. 
Could be usefull for anyone who paints in photoshop.. :)

Anyway, you can check it out here:


Merry x-mas!