Another speedpaint video!!

2015-01-06 06:48:06 by beekart

Hey guys!


Here's another speedpaint video i did last night!

There's only so much you can do in 50mins! But enjoy!! :)


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2015-01-06 09:14:45

Nice one mate. Tho I suggest making custom thumbnails in the future ;)

beekart responds:

custom thumbnails? :O


2015-01-06 09:35:16

Yup, like i have on my vids. When you upload vids, you will have custom thumbnail option on the bttom, click that, and choose. Before that, make your, like that thumbnail represent video, it shows what's the video about

beekart responds:

ahh i see what you mean.. ill look into that :D thanks!


2015-01-26 03:46:55

And, you can post speedpaints here, too. They don't usually do well, unless the artist is good. Yours should do well. :)

beekart responds:

haha :D ill consider it ;) When i have more speedpaints + videos of the process. Just showing a quick speedpaint doesnt do to much i think :D