Entry #9

Let's Get Better - Youtube series

2016-07-12 18:12:25 by beekart

Hey Newgrounds!


For those of you who are interested in getting better at drawing and painting I might have some good news for you! 

I've been making a bunch of videos lately ( and will be making more in the near future ) about drawing and painting, and how you can get better. They are small videos containing info, tips and excercises that you can do yourself to train yourself into becoming a better artist!

So if you are interested check them out on my youtube channel:


Thanks everyone!





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2016-07-12 22:12:52

Nice! Ive been subbed for the speedarts and that was a pleasant surprise!

beekart responds:

hehe cool! :) yeh I'm trying to do atleast 1 every week, and almost daily speedpaints and other videos.